Thank you for popping onto Voila. I am glad you did.

About Me – I have always had an incredible knack for organizing, planning and finding faster and easier ways of getting things done. I started as an errand runner when I was 14 to buy my first car and I loved it. I have been a professional organizer and entrepreneur ever since.

Why I do what I do – I truly enjoy crossing things off lists. I enjoy making others happy. Helping the quality of people’s live’s improve.

How does what I love to do…benefit you – When I do what I love to do, it frees you up to do the things you love to do. Spend time with friends, family, go hike or ski, read, sleep, take a trip, or work.

Some examples of things that you could slide over to me: Oil change, car repairs, grocery shopping, purchase gifts, wrap gifts, pick up/drop off dry cleaning, keep a calendar for you (you will never miss someone’s birthday again), help plan a party, re organize your closet, take the kids to the dentist or doctor, collect paint samples, deal with your contractors, schedule various appointments. And yes I love kids and was a nanny back in the day so I don’t mind babysitting or driving kids to and from.

So – Don’t let your work life balance get too far out of whack. Call or email me to discuss your ‘I can’t get caught up struggles’.

Packages and Fees – The hourly rate model can be overwhelming and hard to deal with. Years of experience has shown that most people can easily use a minimum of 2 hours a week or more. If you start with 2 hours a week then you are getting 8 hours a month. What could you do with 8 extra hours a month !

Give me a call and let’s talk about your time crunch struggles, the time and gas you spend in the car, and the time away from the things you love to do.

It’s a free phone consultation….so what are you waiting on?

My Little Bundle of Freedom – $325 a month includes milage, gas and my time. 2hrs a week/8hrs a month. Use it however you like.

Babysitting or driving children to and from – $20hr and it includes mileage, gas and my time. You can call me directly or find me on www.mynannysearch.com

E: rd@voilapa.com

P: 512-987-8590